Spring Breakup

here's spring breakup

Spring Breakup is the unlikely marriage of Yukon singer-songwriter Kim Barlow and Mathias Kom of The Burning Hell. This banjo and ukulele duo write tiny, happy songs about the inevitable end of love.

Spring Breakup: a) the term for river ice breaking apart in the northern spring thaw; b) the term Yukoners give to the phenomenon of the end of all the Yukon winter romances... as the dark days turn lighter, folks sometimes realize that their winter mating choices are best left in the dark.

“There are no weak songs here... many leave the world slightly altered when they’re done. Kom, who also leads the Burning Hell, dispenses his pearls (“the world is my oyster, but I’m allergic to shellfish”) in a drooping deep baritone, while Barlow’s lightly rusted soprano seems just right for songs about what happens after you’re pushed beyond your limit and your dead horse is still dead. Buy this record.” (It's Not You, It's Me)

                    — Robert Everett-Green, The Globe and Mail

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